Q. Do you review and advise on all forms of advertising?
A. Yes we do. We have a very professional team with experience across every advertising medium. We also do packaging critique and market research.

Q. What is the process, is it fully automated?
A. The upload is as simple as emailing us. It is a personal service that is reviewed individually by all 8 professionals in our team.

Q. Can we just submit 1 ad to test the service or do we have to sign up to an ongoing monthly or annual service?
A. Yes 1 ad is fine. You will get the same high level of review no matter how many times you use us.

Q. How are we charged?
A. There is a full fee scale on this site. When your ad is submitted you will receive a price confirmation for the exact service you have requested and a payment form. As soon as payment is made the service is completed and you will have a full report in 48hrs.

Q. Could I risk upsetting my in-house designer by getting a second opinion on his work?
A. We find the results are exactly the opposite. Designers are enthused by our involvement and appreciate the recommendations on improving their work. If fact, having access to such a professional external team of advisors can really boost in- house and freelance design performance.

Q. With the consumer critique service can we refine the demographic groups we want to review our ads?
A. Yes we have full statistics on our reviewers, so if you believe your target market is say household shoppers with school age kids living is Brisbane, then that is exactly what we will give you.

Q. Can we get access to your database of consumers?
A. Unfortunately not, we have strict confidentiality agreements in place. We believe this also helps reviewers give more honest responses.