Who we are


Creative Critique is a consortium of international advertising professionals dedicated to the improvement of all types of advertising through proven assessment and recommendation methods.  Whilst our services have been provided to select clients since 1998, the business has now been formalized and expanded to service a wider market as a member of the Mark Skinner Advertising Group. 

We believe there is a need for ads to be independently tested to ensure they are better aligned with consumer needs & market expectations; and by being totally unbiased, we can remain honest and accountable to the purpose of improving your advertising success by improving your ads.

By offering critique on both professional and public levels we provide our clients with an opportunity to deliver their advertising to the market with total confidence.




“Ads are meant to reach out, inform, educate, excite and entice consumers but so many of the ads we see these days [and I am referring to all forms of advertising] wouldn’t have a chance in hell of swaying a consumer to respond, let alone purchase a product or service”

Mark Skinner – CEO, Creative Director & Senior Strategist.

Our Professional Critique Team


For the last 18 years we have worked hand in hand with a wide variety of clients offering unique advertising critique services.

Typically, this would include reviewing advertising material prepared by a creative appointed by the client and delivering a report with recommendations on how the material could be improved to deliver a stronger result.

In most cases the client would have used an in-house digital artist, a freelance designer or a small design agency but in some cases they have had their advertising prepared for them by publishers, printers or, in the case of electronic material, local tv and radio stations.

To date, most clients utilising our assessment service did not believe they needed a full service advertising agency but wanted the added expertise and support that a highly qualified external creative director could contribute on an ‘as needed basis’ to oversee content, design, intent and most importantly, market suitability of their advertising material.

“Our research shows that often those responsible for advertising approvals can benefit greatly from a second opinion from someone with a stronger insight into what will trigger the market into responding more positively. It is no longer accountable to simply take the word of the designer, that the ads will work. Our service takes away any uncertainty and lets business make advertising decisions with confidence”

Justine McKee - Creative Media Specialist


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